How Building the Amazon of Africa put me on Interpol Most Wanted list

Warsaw Okecie Airport, January 14th, 2018.

Early Days of (now part of

During the startup fight for growth and survival, a conflict (around the company vision and management style) between myself and the Godfather arose. It reached a threshold when he, together with our CFO, tried to kick me out of the management board and take control of the company. by trying to convince other shareholders to their vision. They failed because my team, my co-founder, and other shareholders came to my defense. That was the first and last time they tried to do it in a legal way.

The day I left the Polish custody. I got 3 phone calls. The first one was from my Nigerian banker who informed me about the police order to freeze all my accounts. The second call came from a Nigerian journalist, that got a tip from “someone” about my arrest and wanted my comments. Someone really wanted to give me some bad press. The only people in Nigeria that knew at that time about my detention in Poland, were the Police officers behind the arrest warrant. The third person I spoke to that day, was the “Godfather’s” lawyer. Her offer was pretty simple. If I pay 300k USD, my problems with the Nigerian justice system and Interpol will go away. And my image in the media will remain untarnished.

And it did work. Police decided not to attempt to defend in the court, just to protect themselves from being exposed for taking bribes. On July 23rd, 2018, the judge ruled in my favor. My arrest warrant was struck down, bank freeze was ruled as illegal and I was even given a 2 mln Naira compensation. The symbolic amount in a symbolic victory.

When Godfather realized I am not bowing to his blackmail, and planning to expose him, he started a smear campaign against me in a dramatic attempt to save their face. They published a libel post full of lies and forged documents that pretend to look serious. I have then prepared a very detailed response.

After 18 months of fighting for Justice, The Nigerian Justice System via the Nigerian Federal Court has admitted the wrongdoing of the Nigerian Police and stroke down all Nigerian arrest warrants. The Polish Justice via the Polish Prosecutor Office stroke down the extradition request. Finally, The Global Interpol’s Secretariat admitted the Red Notice should have never been issued in the first place and ordered its deletion from all member countries' systems.

It’s in May 2019. After 18 months of being on the Interpol Red Notice list, the Global Police removes my files from the system and admits that the Notice should be never put by Nigerian Police in the first place, as there was no basis for it.
Both arrest warrants from Nigeria have been struck down by Nigeria’s own justice system — by the Federal Court, Reason? Lack of evidence and diligent prosecution.
May 2019. The polish attorney general has revoked the Nigerian extradition request due to a lack of evidence.

Truth always wins the end.

Entrepreneur, Investor, Advisor, Speaker. Bestselling Author of “Chasing Black Unicorns”.

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Marek Zmyslowski

Marek Zmyslowski

Entrepreneur, Investor, Advisor, Speaker. Bestselling Author of “Chasing Black Unicorns”.

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